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Parasites are a serious health concern!


A parasite is an organism that lives off another organism. Parasites destroy and intoxicate our organs, cells, deplete our energy and create different illnesses. Parasites fall into one of two major groups: worms and single-celled organism-protozoa. Worms come in all sizes, from threadworms-less than one centimeter, to tapeworms up to 12 meters in length.


Studies have indicated that as much as 95% of the north American population has at least one form of parasite, . According to the Center for Disease Control parasites are #1 HEALTH RISK.

While the problem is widespread and very common , it goes unrecognized by Medical Communities. Because parasitic infestation has generally considered a disease of the tropics, the average Physician is not consider it when making a diagnosis, especially since parasitology is not a focus in mainstream medicine or medical schools. That�s why with lack of training and information , Medical Doctors almost never look for parasites as an underlying cause of diseases.


Diarrhea OR Constipation Digestive Problems - Gas, Bloating, Cramps Bloody OR Foul- Smelling Stool Anal Itching and BleedingVomiting and Weight Loss Headaches, Aches Irritability/ Nervousness Irritable Bowel Syndrome Skin Rash and Itching Overall Fatigue Disturbed Sleep Anemia Muscle Cramps Joint Pain Granulomas � tumor-like masses that encase destroyed larva or parasites. All Tumors, Polyps, Cysts Post Nasal Drip Teeth Grinding Prostatitis, Enlarge ProstateHormone ImbalanceAsthma, Allergies Sugar Craving Ravenous Appetite OR Loss of Appetite Allergies Rectal Itching Brain Fog Pain In the Umbilicus Bed-Wetting Low Back Pain

Parasitic infestation are associated with a number of digestive problems, including Colitis, Crohn Disease, Food Allergy, Gastritis, Inflammatory Bowel disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Leaky Gut Syndrome.Also, parasites usually travel to another organs and create symptoms that are not recognize as parasite-related.This result in an incorrect diagnosis and of cause problems is not treated. People only medicated with toxic drugs according to symptoms. Parasitic infections are also connected with other disorders, including anorexia, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, and chronic fatigue. Most people don�t realize that not only parasites cause damage to the body but also the waste they excrete. These waste products poison the body and create autoimmune diseases as well.



1. Lack of sanitation: colons that are clogged and impacted from years of improper eating habits and lack of cleansing the colon. Such a location is ideal as a breeding ground for parasites and warms. They proliferate in environments like this: dark, warm, and with constant supply of nourishment- the rich remains of mankind�s food. The creatures can feed unlimitedly, and thus they multiply without restraint. The wastes are absorbed into the bloodstream of the human host and carried to all parts of the body causing illness which is usually misdiagnosed.

2. Nutritional Deficiency

3. Infected food handlers in places such as restaurants

4. Municipal and Rural water supplies, especially contaminated by sewerage.

5. Day-care centers, where children pass parasites to one another.

6. Household pets

7. Foods that generally are eaten raw sushi and steak tartare.

8. Armed forces personnel returning from overseas

9. Sexual contact with multiple partners

10. The use of antibiotics and toxic drugs that suppress immunity.

11. Refined Carbohydrates and sugar

12. Steroid drugs and birth control pills

13. X-rays/ radiation and chemotherapy

14. Chlorinated water and fluoride

15. Constipation especially chronic

16. Lack of Hydrochloric Acid in the Stomach &Poor Digestion

17. Chronic Stress

18. Pesticides, Pollution, Mercury Toxicity

These factors also cause the overgrows of Yeast-Candida Albicans Parasites usually kill intestinal friendly bacteria, that�s why immune system is not working properly -the growth and spread of Fungi �Yeast �Candida is inevitable. For this reason, Candida and parasites tend to appear together.


First, you need to recognize your symptoms, pay attention, and take action.

Also, It�s very easy to detect parasites and Candida with help of amazing informational technology -Whole Body Computerized Scanning . This equipment- was developed in Russia and USA to detect different pathogens by their producing frequencies. This is very accurate and YOU can get result right away.This great revolutionary machine will give YOU and your children valuable knowledge if you have parasites, where they are located and what kind of toxins they are produce.

But unfortunately A stool analysis is usually used to detect parasites. However, don�t rely on this test. A) Parasites tend to hide in the lining of the intestineB) They live mostly in small intestineC) They t Travel through blood to other organs. If your parasites in your heart, lungs, liver, blood or brain, they will not show up in your stool regardless of how well it�s analyzed in a lab.D) Also, tests are only available for 40 to 50 types of the 1000=species of parasites that can live in the body. In view of this situation, a negative lab test is no assurance that a person does not have parasites.


Because Parasites and Candida usually live together, it very important to treat them simultaneously.This will require strict adherence to an Anti-Candida Diet.This diet includes organic vegetables and meat and excludes refined carbohydrates, sugar in all forms (including fruits) and fermented food. All starchy carbohydrates, including whole grains, must be limited for a time. You need to do Candida- Parasites cleanse generally one to three months depending how YOU are affected.It's highly advisable to make a Parasites-Candida cleanse a regular part of your digestive detoxification program.

The Parasites Solution:

You can kill parasites with anti-parasitic herbs and electromagnetic generator, but when you kill parasites you need immediately get rid of dead parasites.

Herbal Products to kill and eliminate parasites are:

1. Para Cleanse �Take 4 Tab X 2 Times a Day before a food Colon Booster � Take 2-3 Tab X 2 Times a Day before a food

< p>These 2 products should be taken together with warm enough water to dissolve herbs in the stomach. It�s desirable to add lemon juice.

2. Agricept - extract from citrus seeds -- excellent product to kill eggs of parasites. Take 15-20 Dr. with � glass of water 3 times a Day before a food. 3. If YOU have opportunity to come to our clinic �the best solution to combine herbal remedies with Electromagnetic Frequencies Generator. This amazing powerful Generator works very quickly and brings immediate result, due to his ability to kill all kind of infection with electromagnetic frequencies.

4. Colon cleansing is the principal way to eliminate parasites in the large intestine. At the same time, the impacted toxic wastes are cleaned out.

A serious of sessions of COLON HYDROTHERAPY is required.

5.If you feel you have indigestion or acid in the stomach we highly recommend to drink a lot of fresh mint tea and take wonderful, very effective natural products:Indigest Free- take 4-5 Tab 3 times a Day before a food and Infla-Zyme Forte-4 Tab 3 times a DayYou will immediately feel better.

If YOU suspect that you have parasites in the colon, start a cleansing program soon. It is simple, and is one of the most marvelous things YOU could possibly do for your health.

Good Luck To Your Path Of Wellness!