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We use modern, no pressure equipment with filtered, ozonated water and make cleansing private, effective and easy!

Your body will thank you for doing the colon cleanse.

It's so easy and relaxing that during procedure you will be able to read, watch TV or listen to music!

Colonic, High Colonic, Colonic Irrigation, Colon Hydrotherapy, Colon Health or Colon Cleansing: all are the same name to restore health and well being. This is ancient art with modern equipment. Our Gentle Colonics are able to soak, flush and bring toxins down out of the body via tiny disposable tubing. The machine does all the work while you simply watch the accumulated toxins discharge out of your body.

Colon hydro-therapy not only cleans out a lifetime of accumulated toxins, pathogenic bacteria, fungi, and parasites, it also strengthens the muscles of the colon, reestablishes the colon's own natural peristalsis and helps to build up digestive tract immunity - friendly bacteria of intestinal flora. Water is the best on earth universal CLEANSER!

Actually, gentle colonic is a gym for your colon!

Because the BOWEL is the LARGEST elimination organ in your body, Colon Hydrotherapy is the best tool to help waste gets out of your body.

A lot of people use laxatives and enemas to help with constipation.

BUT NO laxatives or enema can get this toxic mess out of your body!

Colon is very long, with hundreds of folds and wrinkles in which waste can hide and get stuck and has been known to swell to nine inches in width like an overloaded vacuum cleaner!

Laxatives are your colon's WORST ENEMY!

They rip through your colon, irritating it and causing you more pain, and eventually disable your colon muscles so they do not work like they are supposed to! Some people use suppositories or enemas, but those only clean out about eight inches of the end of your colon. The most surprising thing to most people who try COLON HYDROTHERAPY is what a relief it is when their body starts releasing the pounds of old caked-on stuff!

Many people report that they expel so much that their stomach appears flatter. And then they can wear a belt again, or pants that were too tight. No matter what comes out, you'll be so happy that your colon is finally free and clear of this putrid, toxic mess!

During 30 years of practice we performed thousands procedures and have a lot of testimonials!

A colon hydrotherapy session cleanses the entire colon, unlike an enema which cleanses only the sigmoid colon, the lower part of the bowel.

To achieve desired result a series of Colonic Treatments is recommended by International Organization of Colon Hydro-therapy.

Followed with monthly maintenance as a Preventative Treatment, (keeping your colon free of toxin Colon Hydrotherapy is best used in combination with adequate nutrient and fluid intake as well with exercise.

Some Tips . . .

We suggest a fresh vegetable juice ( carrot) and soup after a colon hydrotherapy treatment. This serves to balance your blood sugar, stimulate natural peristalsis, and strengthen your whole being.

  • Massage, including self massage: Reflexology, Acupressure, Connective Tissue, Cranial Sacral, Rolfing, etc.
  • Avoid toxic environments. Take the time to rest and relax.
  • Give yourself a rectal probiotic implant (may be purchased at temple of wellness) at night to help maximize the beneficial bacteria in your colon.

Click here to learn about The Value of Colon Hydrotherapy verified by doctors, scientific research and clinical practice.

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