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Vertical Imago3

New European Quantum Diagnostic Technology!

In a short time you will get complete, detailed information about the real causes of your health issues without any invasive tests.

Total Body Scan of all systems and organs at the cellular level with new quantum technology device- Sensitive Imago.

Provides detailed Information about your Health Condition based on Your Own Unique Body Frequencies with European device Sensitive Imago.

This unique whole body exam can scan all Your Organs and Cells very fast and amazingly accurate! It is absolutely safe and non-invasive. This test can detect development of pathology before it is visibly manifested.

Price - $150                                                  Read More

Colonic Banner

Gentle Colon Cleanse with Purified Water and Thin Disposable Speculums

BEAUTY, HEALTH & WEIGHT LOSS you can get only through Internal Cleansing!

Your body screaming for help because your aches and pains are manifestations of toxicity!

Colonic or Colon Hydrotherapy is a gentle infusion of water into the rectum to clean the entire large intestine. This is actually INTERNAL BATH. We use modern, no pressure equipment with filtered water and make cleansing private, effective and easy!

If your goal is to lose weight and become slimmer - colon cleansing and detox is the best way to start! If your goal is to get optimum health you also must start with cleansing!

Supervised by Certified Experienced Colon Therapist and Holistic Medicine Practitioner Natalya Vilner!

Price - $60                                                  Read More

Vertical Body Wrap

Genuine Alternative to Liposuction!

LIPOFLUSH is a natural liposuction treatment without surgery. It is a non-surgical procedure to break fat tissue from specific areas, tightening loose skin and reshaping your entire body.This effective 3-step process can be described as: melting, moving, flushing and shaping. All three procedures can also be done separately.

Price - $60                                                  Read More

Body Wrap

Eliminate harmful toxins, inflammation and pain!

Burn 1000 calories per session for Effective Fat Loss!

This activates your skin, sweat glands and lymphatic system for a powerful detoxification. You put on a disposable body suite and get inside a bag equipped with infrared diods dispersed throuoght the inner walls on all sides. The infrared light penetrates under the skin causing heavy sweating, detoxing the body from chemicals and toxins, increasing metabolism and reducing muscle and joint pain. The infrared light also has healing and anticeptic properties.

Price - $50                                                  Read More

Vertical Ultrasonic Cavitation

Pain Management & Healing with Electromagnetic waves!

Rife technology provides the most effective method of quick pain relief. The device emits different electromagnetic waves that penetrate into the body and specifically designed to reduce pain and inflammation in connective tissues. There are specific frequencies for pain and inflammation generated by the Rife machine. Those electromagnetic frequencies also facilitate the flow of energy in the acupuncture meridians and promote tissue healing thus facilitating the recovery from traumas and other causes of pain and inflammation.

Price - $50                                                  Read More

Lipo Banner

Slim Down & Reshape With Lipo-Laser!

Safe, comfortable and affordable treatments. Targeted fat reduction improving with every session. Laser light penetrates under the skin and breaks up fat cells without feeling any pain and discomfort. You chose specific area you want to treat for fat loss and reshaping.

Lipo-Laser is a non-invasive device that emits low levels of laser energy to literally melt the fat under the skin in any body part of your choice. The advantage of this approach is that instead of just losing some pounds in general you chose in exactly which area to lose them, thus shaping your body as a sculptor would shape his statue.

Price $60                                                  Read More

Vertical Life System 2

Advantages of Bio-Feedback:

  •   Improves the brain's ability to establish a healthy rhythm
    and self-regulate.
  •   Assists the brain by breaking unhealthy patterns
    of brain wave activity.
  •   Reduces anxiety and overwhelming emotions.
  •   Improves memory.
  • Decreases moodiness and anger.
  • Decreases impulsivity.
  • Decreases mental chatter.
  • Improves concentration and focus.
  • Enhances feelings of well-being.
  • Enables the brain to achieve a better sleeping state.

Price - $150                                                  Read More

Ionic Detox

This is a very effective method to take out toxic chemicals & heavy metals regardless of where they are located in the body. The ions penetrate your organism through the skin of the feet, attach to the toxins and pull them out into the water.

Price - $40                                                  Read More

Vertical Slender Press

Slender Press

Slender Press works as Lymphatic Massage and improves circulation, and is a compliment to other treatments which helps eliminate toxins, cellulite, and varicose veins and changes body contouring producing slimming. Slender- Press is great for problems such as water retention and getting the perfect lymphatic drainage through which accumulated toxins and fat can be eliminated. A body suit is worn in which compressed air is pumped, causing the suit to expand in waves, from the toes upwards, thus stimulating circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Price - $60                                                  Read More