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       Experience Great Quantum Technology Revolution!

Diagnostic Computerize Bio-Resonance Device "Sensitiv Imago" !

European Modern Computerized Diagnosis of All Human Organs and Systems!

Within 1 hour you will get Complete and Detailed Information about your Health Condition!

This unique quantum technology has no analogy in the world. It allows to trace all deviations from the state of health by the changes in the wave characteristics of tissue and cells and thus detect a disease in its earliest stage. Special detectors take information from the brain and powerful software analyses individual data. Extremely accurate scanning gives an opportunity to detect a development of pathology in organs and cells before any symptoms. This important information can save your life!

Despite all known conventional medicinal tests this sophisticated quantum scan shows the root cause of health problems and answer the most important question -why we are sick?

  • Sensitive Imago Device - breakthrough quantum technology! It scan, test and analyze 7 Systems, 156 Organs very fast and amazingly accurate without invading the body.
  • Cardiovascular, Gastro-Intestinal, Nervous, Hormonal or Endocrine, Urinal-genital, Skeletal, Male or Female Systems. Sensitive Imago features:
  • Scanning of all body systems and organs at the cellular level.
  • Detection of all pathogenic microorganisms:
  • (viruses, bacteria, candida, fungi, parasites).
  • Detection heavy metals, environment toxins and allergens.
  • Detection of health problems and future possibilities to develop.
  • Organic changes in organs due to toxicity and inflammation.
  • Detects Acid-Base balance in tissues and blood.
  • Chromosomal analysis.
Offers individual medicine and supplements based on analysis and condition of the organs.

Important Advantages!

Early Detection- shows not only fully developed pathology but even the once in their earliest stage. Reliable -

This unique whole body exam can scan all Your Organs and Cells very fast and amazingly accurate!

It is absolutely safe and non-invasive. Within 1 HOUR you will get Complete Information about your Health Condition!

Based on Your Own Unique Body Frequencies This Device Prepares Individual Homeopathic remedies! This unique apparatus has no analogy in the world. Special sensors receive information from the brain and powerful software analyses the state of health. This system gives an opportunity to detect a development of pathology before it is visibly manifested. Such an early and accurate scanning is impossible to get by any other method and it can save your life!


    • Early detection of any health problem – it can determine not only fully developed pathology but even the ones in their earliest stage.
    • Reliable – it scans electromagnetic information from your brain and the powerful software analyses it to produce visual models of all organs.
    • Accurate – the brain contains complete information about the condition of each organ and tissue in your body. Each organ, microorganism or cell, both healthy and abnormal, has its own unique vibrational signal. These signals are recorded from the brain to the computer. Powerful software analyzes the data and gives accurate report about the condition of each organ, system, the presence of infections and toxicity.
    • Fast and convenient: No need to undress or take anything inside. Just put on a brain-wave detector which looks like headphone and enjoy seeing visual models of organs on the screen.
    • Safe and non invasive: This device doesn’t emit any harmful radiation. It only reads the electromagnetic waves naturally emitted from human brain. Great for adults, children and pregnant women as well.
  • Capable to perform individual compatibility test: Everybody is unique. This device determines which food and remedy is compatible based on individual frequency emitted from the body.

This is not a test that you are used to: no X-rays, no MRIs, no CAT Scans, nothing invasive. It only reads the signals that your brain sends.

Here's a brief description of Sensitive Imago’s device features:

  1. The full scan of human body during very short period of time- 1 hour
  2. Identification of all health problems and the root causes of diseases
  3. Determination of toxic overload and allergens
  4. Detects activity of micro flora and presence of viruses, bacteria, Candida-fungi, parasites
  5. Multiple analysis of homeostasis of systems and organs
  6. Analyses the genetic predisposition
  7. Determines the acid-alkali balance in the tissues
  8. Finds functional and organic changes in the organs
  9. Active bio- resonant and M.O.R.A therapy
  10. Gives the recommendations about the diet based on blood type
  11. Preparation of individual unique homeopathy for patient

Sensitiv Imago Device can test 7 systems and 156 organs with amazing 96% accuracy:

Whole Body Scan Oberon scan
    Whole Body Scan
  1. Walls, cavities of heart
  2. Valves of heart
  3. Vessels of heart
  4. Aorta
  5. Arteries
  6. Veins
  7. Blood vessels of the brain
  8. Spleen
  9. Blood cells, etc., etc.
  1. Gullet
  2. Whole Body Scan
  3. Stomach
  4. Duodenum
  5. Small intestines
  6. Large intestines
  7. Liver
  8. Gall-bladder
  9. Pancreas, etc.,
  1. Brain (5 cuts)
  2. Spinal cord
  3. Peripheral nerves, etc.,
  1. Hypothalamus
  2. Hypothesis
  3. Adrenal glands
  4. Thyroid gland
  5. Parathyroid gland
  6. Pancreas
  1. Kidneys
  2. Urethra
  3. Bladder