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Rife Machine - Electromagnetic Wave Generator

Electromagnetic Healing

At the core of the electromagnetic healing technology is a hundred year old method of killing microbes with electricity. There is no mystery about microbial electrocution, it is ancient. In 1933 Royal Rife of San Diego, CA, discovered that viruses are easily shattered by energy delivered at specific frequency, much like breaking a glass with sound.

Electromagnetic Wave Generator, Rife's major discovery, utilizes the fact that all bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, yeast, etc., vibrate at a specific frequency. He also theorized and proved that subjecting a virus or any other microorganism to the same frequency at which it vibrated; he could literally explode the disease causing organism without damaging the surrounding tissues. Rife successfully utilized his technology on isolated viruses and then successfully treated animals with tumors. Combining these two basic principles, a powerful tool has evolved that is used in clinics and private homes across the world.

Since big medical industry cannot become involved in non-patentable non-drug products of this type, the bulk of the medical community never paid attention to the advances in electromagnetic healing technology.

Our electromagnetic waves generator effectively kills bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites without any side effects in the patient. Helps to purify blood, and detoxify the tissues and cells.