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Rife Machine - Electromagnetic Wave Generator

Electromagnetic Healing

At the core of the electromagnetic healing technology is a hundred year old method of killing microbes with electricity. There is no mystery about microbial electrocution, it is ancient. In 1933 Royal Rife of San Diego, CA, discovered that viruses are easily shattered by energy delivered at specific frequency, much like breaking a glass with sound.

Electromagnetic Wave Generator, Rife's major discovery, utilizes the fact that all bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, yeast, etc., vibrate at a specific frequency. He also theorized and proved that subjecting a virus or any other microorganism to the same frequency at which it vibrated; he could literally explode the disease causing organism without damaging the surrounding tissues. Rife successfully utilized his technology on isolated viruses and then successfully treated over 400 animals with tumors. Combining these two basic principles, a powerful tool has evolved that is used in clinics and private homes across the world.

Since big medical industry cannot become involved in non-patentable non-drug products of this type, the bulk of the medical community never paid attention to the advances in electromagnetic healing technology.

Our electromagnetic waves generator effectively kills bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites without any side effects in the patient. Helps to purify blood, and detoxify the tissues and cells.

Multi-Wave Oscillator

Electromagnetic Wave Generator The Multi-Wave Oscillator (MWO) is a rejuvenation machine that broadcasts electromagnetic frequencies. This miracle machine stimulates energy of each cell in your body to resonate back to its original frequency of youth. It's like a piano or guitar string will sound beautiful if a tuning fork will fix it.

What kind of benefits it will do for you?

Each abnormal, unhealthy cell will start to vibrate like normal cell. It will produce powerful detoxification effect for toxic cells. For example, if someone has been smoking cigarettes, drinking caffeine, sodas and eating junk food, using the MWO will cause cleansing reaction such as, coughing, sneezing, light headache. By drinking large amount of water, these symptoms will disappear pretty fast. This proves that the detoxification effect discovered by Georges Lakhovsky back in the Paris clinics in the 1920s when he was doing basic research, is highly beneficial for the human body.

Georges Lakhovsky developed and presented the idea that each cell in the human body works as a micro-cellular oscillator with energy fields resonating with a "twisted filament" (like a tiny "oscillator") in the nuclei of living cells. The cell acts like a transmitter and receiver of radio-electric waves that produce an energizing effect. With help from Nikola Tesla, he built the first MWO in the mid-1920s. He applied for a U.S. patent (#1,962,565) and received it in 1934.

Lakhovsky, unfortunately, died in 1942 at the age of 72. His patent expired in 1951 and is now readily available in the public domain. The MWO and other similar devices continued to be used in clinics throughout Europe after his death, but the technology seems to have been almost forgotten in America. After achieving a 98% success rate over an 11-year period, it's more than a bit curious as to why his work was suddenly withdrawn from use and patients told treatments were no longer available. MWOs have been documented to be of value in treating cancer, arthritis, and other illnesses.

Lakhovsky's goal when designing the MWO was to produce and transmit a full spectrum of harmonic frequencies within the body, allowing each cell to resonate with the appropriate frequency. Cells that were sick would be entrained by the correct harmonics, bringing them into a normal state so they could heal themselves through natural processes. With the proper resonant frequencies, normal mechanisms of detoxification could work to bring about greater health and well being.

Lakhovsky recognized the nucleus of each cell in the body as an oscillator in resonance with (controlled by) the cosmic rays that Nikola Tesla often spoke about. The continuous bombardment of cosmic radiation from space is very different from conventional radio frequencies commonly used today. The basic thought is that the cell structures in the body are blocked, impeding the flow of cosmic radiation, allowing poor eating habits, toxic items, stress, etc., to cause improper functioning. The MWO acts as an entrainment device that allows cosmic radiation to flow without interruption through the cells, allowing (and stimulating) proper function and health. Lakhovsky recognized the fact that the universe is basically energetic in nature, i.e., everything is energy, vibrating at its own particular frequency. If you produce enough harmonics at a high enough level, they will affect the cells in the body. And, there will never be a shortage of cosmic energy flow from the universe, so our only real problem is reversing blockages and removing the high levels of toxemia that tend to exist in most of us, causing poor health.

Nikola Tesla and Lakhovsky, in collaboration, both produced high-frequency coil systems, which resulted in the MWO. Both were building devices which emitted unique oscillations, which Tesla called non-Hertzian waves. Lakhovsky used a resonant, bi-polar Tesla coil as a power supply, which means one tuned, primary coil was used to place two distinctive secondary coils into resonance at the same time. A double spark gap (similar to using two spark plugs from an automobile) was used to produce the harmonics. The double gap was used to spread the discharge over two simultaneously sparking gaps to more precisely adjust the timing and consistency of the energy discharge. This is important because the spark gap is the point where the flow of energy is blocked while the discharge from the second spark gap is hitting the coils and antennas.

The spark gap is also an important component in Tesla technology because the specific character of the discharge across the gap may hold the key to producing the proper non-Hertzian component for optimum performance.

The oscillations of the resonant coils in Lakhovsky's MWO are coupled to a unique antenna, which consists of concentric rings of nearly complete circles. Lakhovsky's original antenna used hollow, tubular, metallic elements. Each ring is tuned to a specific musical note. The outer ring starting with a C, where the combined set of concentric rings produces a full harmonic scale. Each outer ring is harmonically coupled to one of the bipolar secondary coils, causing the entire set of rings on the antenna to oscillate. There are two antennas, placed a few feet apart to spread the harmonic energy between them. They produce a full scale of harmonics, generally above 500,000 Hz and reaching into the billions of Hz (Gigahertz). This huge amount of harmonic energy allows cells to regain their proper oscillation with incoming cosmic energy.

The person being treated sits in a wooden (non-metallic) chair between the antennas. Lakhovsky stated that approximately 15 minutes would produce roughly 90% of the benefit for an entire day. Another 15 minutes would add a bit more, but more time simply wasn't needed.

Lyakhovskiy Machine